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Mold spores are known to grow in basements and bathrooms, but what many folks don’t know is that dangerous mold can also grow in your garage! If you think about it all of the necessary elements of mold growth are present in Chamblee, GA garages; darkness, humidity, and moisture. With our cold winters and our hot, humid summers, it’s easy to see how mold can form and thrive in our home and business garage interiors. Chamblee Garage Door offers fast, easy ways to deal with mold spores in your garage. Take our advice and save yourself the danger and stress of having mold issues that can adversely affect you, your loved ones and close associates.

Mold proofing a newly built garage

Are you a home builder or contractor? Or, are you working with one to build your new home or commercial space? If so, you are in an enviable position to ensure that mold spores do not grow inside your garage. Start by using building material that mold tends to avoid. This can include replacing as much wood as possible with metal or other non-porous material. Vinyl and aluminum work great to discourage mold growth. Have a talk with your builder and let him know your mold avoidance intentions; he or she can offer additional methods and suggestions to help you achieve this.

Dealing with mold in an already built garage

Most readers will be working with mold spores in an already built garage. Always remember to keep your interior garage space well ventilated and as dry as possible. You don’t want an air-tight garage, but one that is as moisture free as possible. Don’t be afraid to make use of fans, de-humidifiers and space heaters if needed.

Stop garage leaks!

Be double sure to fix any leaks in your garage where water or other moisture can accumulate. It may be from a leaky roof after a rain, or from a water heater, water softener or even from your car’s radiator. You may not notice that you have a leak until there is already an accumulation of water. That’s ok; just being sure to remove all of the fluid and thoroughly dry the area as well as fixing the cause of the leak!

Wiping feet can also go a long way towards controlling mold growth. It’s so easy to track in water, mud and snow on your shoes. These wet items can also come into your garage on your tires from cars, bicycles, motorcycles and even skateboards.

Actual mold removal

Are you ready? It’s time to roll up the sleeves and actually remove mold! Remember one thing; mold is a lot like cancer; you need to get ALL of it and not just most of it. Be very thorough in your cleaning and be sure to get every bit of the mold or you will be facing this task again, before you know it! Mold LOVES porous material. This includes cardboard, wood, concrete and drywall. Carefully check your floors, walls and ceiling in your garage for any mold growth and if you find it, clean it up using bleach. The best proportion for your bleach mixture is one part bleach to four parts water. Wear gloves and scrub your surfaces with a brush or sponge to remove any spores you find. If the mold is on unfinished drywall you can spray the bleach mixture directly on it and let it soak in. Be sure to clean with your garage door open as you need proper ventilation from the fumes. In fact, our Chamblee, GA garage door experts recommend using a respirator during the cleaning process for maximum safety.

Bleach alternative

If you like, vinegar works well to get rid of mold spores. You don’t have to use bleach and you can substitute white vinegar in its place. Use one part vinegar to one part water and for maximum cleaning power, add one tablespoon dishwashing detergent to every quart of solution that you make. Denatured alcohol is another viable alternative and you can just apply it directly without diluting it at all. Either spray it directly on the surface, or dab it with a sponge, but use full strength for best results. Again, be sure to clean with a well ventilated garage by leaving the door open or by running a space heater in the winter or a fan in the summer.

Be extra careful!

A word of warning; be careful and don’t mix your bleach mixture with ammonia. Also, hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar are another combination to avoid. These combinations make a toxic atmosphere that can have deadly effects so avoid at all costs.

Also look out for…

If you are like most, you use your Chamblee, GA garage to store extra items, much like an attic was used in the “old days.” These items can include boxes of personal things, old newspapers and magazines, books, media clippings, old clothes, towels, and other things made of paper, wool, cotton or newsprint. All of these things are porous and can host mold spores when moist or wet. We encourage you to dispense with cardboard boxes and use plastic containers with sealed lids to store your items. Cardboard is not only a great host for mold, but insects of all kinds love to live in and around it and even eat it. Local Chamblee, GA retail stores like Target, The Container Store, Sears and Best Buy sell plastic containers that you can use instead of flimsy cardboard boxes that can rot, get mildew and even collapse when exposed to moisture. If you don’t want to spend money on new plastic containers, check your local garage sales and/or flea markets for re-sale items. Craigslist also is good for placing ads and checking on postings offering to sell non-porous storage items with fitted lids. Do your mold elimination and prevention work now and enjoy a life free of this dangerous growth, not only in your garage, but in your entire property.