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Garage Door Won’t Work- What to Check Before Calling a Service Provider

If you have a garage door that will not work and you’re trying to determine exactly when you should call Chamblee Garage Door in Chamblee, GA, we’re here to tell you. You might be surprised to learn that there are some rather simple and common garage door issues that prevent your door from opening or closing. You will not be familiar with them because, it isn’t your job to do so. However, when you have a garage door, you may want to do a little investigating on your own before you have to call on the services of a service provider. You can do this by following the suggestions below.

Common Garage Door Issues and What You Can Do

Out of Alignment – Your door track must be aligned correctly in order for your garage door to work. You can make a visual inspection of your garage door to determine if your track is not aligned. You can contact us for servicing or you can take a mullet and lightly tap it back into place.

Old Batteries – If you’re garage door opener or your remote control has old batteries, you will eventually have to replace them if you want your garage door to continue working. This is a common issue that is overlooked by many homeowners. They feel silly when they find out that this is the reason their garage door isn’t working. However, we are here to tell you that you definitely shouldn’t feel this way. Again, it is a common oversight of many homeowners who own a garage door, overlooking the obvious.

Door Continues Opening and Closing – If you aren’t doing anything to your door and it continues to open and close on its own, this can become a serious problem. Not only is it a nuisance, it is also dangerous. You definitely need to find out why this is occurring. The first place we would suggest that you check is your remote. Make sure there isn’t something pressing up against it or that it isn’t stuck in between something. After you have determined that this is not the problem, the next thing to consider is that there may be someone in your area using the same garage door frequency. This interference will cause your door to operate without your doing anything to it. At this stage, you may need to find out who’s house it is and figure out what you can do solve this issue. If you are unsure as to how this can be effectively handled, this is something that we would be happy to advise you of at Chamblee Garage Door.

Garage Door Sensors – The sensors are located on either side of your garage door. If the beam that runs between the two is ever obstructed, it will not enable the door to work correctly. The sensors simply may be misaligned. The first thing you can do is check to make sure there isn’t anything blocking the beams. If there is remove it and see if you are still experiencing the same problem. If you are, the next step that we would suggest to you is to clean the eye of your sensor with a clean cloth. Don’t rub too hard because you could scratch the lens. This often does the trick for many homeowners.

You Have Broken Door Springs – If even one side of your garage door springs are broken, this will cause your door to give you problems. It may not open and close on its own but it may not open at all. This can be a serious issue for someone who uses his or her garage every day. If there is a broken spring, the opener is unable to raise the door for you. The spring holds a lot of tension and therefore, there isn’t much that we would suggest you do except visually inspect your springs to see if they are frayed or broken. If they are, stop right there and give us a call to handle the problem. We do not want anyone to be harmed by doing something that we are trained to handle.

Out of Range of Your Door – Another problem we see quite frequently doesn’t necessarily involve your door opening and closing rather it involves your door opening. If your door will not open when you are trying to use your remote, it might be out of range. Your remote has to connect or at least it has to be recognized by your system in order to open. If it is not correctly communicating with your system, you might need to determine if you’re too far out of range. Perhaps you should simply wait until you are at your garage door before attempting to open the door. When this doesn’t work and the aforementioned steps, you might need the help of one of our qualified technicians.

The only way to determine whether or not your garage door is not performing efficiently is to know how your garage door is supposed to work. If you are simply driving in and out and never listening or looking around, you might not know that your garage door is in distress until it is too late. Get to know your garage and its functionality so that you can immediately address any problems that you may begin to experience with your garage door. A garage door can be very dangerous and this is why we will only suggest that you do so much before contacting us to do the rest. We know the risks involved in repairing and troubleshooting your garage door. We would never want to put you in harms way and we will not have to as long as you allow us to handle the job of making the necessary repairs to your garage door. While there is much you can do to aid in resolving the problem, we suggest you allow a qualified technician to effectively resolve the problem for you.